Our story

About us


The Saint Paul University Students’ Association (SPUSA) is an entity within the university, which has the mission of creating and ensuring a connection between all students. SPUSA represents the student community with the administration, the various faculties, services and the surrounding community. Among other things, the association is known for:  

  • Representing and defending students inside and outside the University
  • Encouraging community spirit on campus
  • Encouraging and promoting the values of the University internally and externally
  • Being a center of support and support at all times for the student community
  • Being a space for exchange, collaboration, fraternization within the university.


The association promotes the same values as those of the University itself, that is:

  • Open
  • Humane
  • Spiritual
  • Engaged

Beyond these points, the association wants to incorporate 6 other values this year. We strongly believe that changing the face of the world requires internal work, before it can impact the outside world. We strongly want to put access to:

  • Committed: to encourage the dedication and participation in the activities of the association, of the University and also that of the community.
  • Encourage team spirit.
  • Encourage gatherings (in person or online) and create open-natured activities
  • Promote excellence; both academically and in the quality of our services, relationships and activities.
  • Promote and encourage ecology
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