Saint Paul University Student Association is proud to offer a variety of services to our members. It ranges from the Student Health Plan, clubs and student representation and advocacy.

Some of our services.


The U-Pass program is a Universal Student Bus Pass  for all full time student.


Come get your free ISIC card at your student association!

Student Health Insurance

Full time students are automatically enrolled in  our student insurance health plan.

SPUSA endeavors to serve its members.

Below is a little about the Association and its goals.

Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, Saint Paul University (est. 1848) is the founding college of the University of Ottawa, with which it has been federated since 1965. A bilingual institution, it offers undergraduate and graduate study programs.

Proud of its rich heritage, over the years Saint Paul University (SPU) has evolved into an institution whose primary focus is on the multiple facets of the human experience. Not surprisingly, that priority is reflected in our current study programs: in addition to our founding disciplines—canon law, philosophy, and theology—we offer courses in social communication, social innovation, transformative leadership, supportive care in palliation, counselling and psychotherapy, public ethics, conflict studies, and human relations and spirituality.

SPUSA’s objectives are the following:

  • To promote cooperation and understand between its members and between various organizations through activities sponsored by the Association;
  • To encourage and promote initiatives of an academic , socio-cultural and liturgical nature among its members.
  • To be receptive to the needs of its members and inform them on various issues of concern;
  • To promote community spirit amongst its population and that of other (academic) intuitions globally.
Multi-ethnic group of young men and women studying indoors.

Meet your Cabinet

  • Melissa Mulumba
    Melissa Mulumba President
  • Johan Daniel
    Johan Daniel VP Internal
  • Diana Ombe
    Diana Ombe VP External
  • Estelle Gbégbé
    Estelle Gbégbé Treasurer
  • Hannah MacFarlane
    Hannah MacFarlane Secretary


Stay Connected. What’s Next?

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We wouldn’t be the same without the hard work from our volunteer team.

SPUSA is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to give a bit of your time please fill out this form with your availability.

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