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Thrive Wellness: Support Group Club

Join us each week in setting intentions, unpacking our thoughts and developing strategies for a healthy, meaningful life though fun activities, laughter, open and honest conversations with our community here at St. Paul.  For more information please contact Shauna Peaker at

IVCF Bible Study

We exist as a way for students to thoughtfully engage with the Christian faith through Bible study, prayer, and life in community with one another.  We welcome students of all (or no) faith backgrounds and Christian traditions!  For more information please contact Holly Stiller at

Peer Ambassadors

Saint Paul University is looking for engaged, creative, multi-skilled students who want to do volunteer work and help spread the word about SPU! Get a one-of-a-kind professional experience while earning exclusive prizes by becoming an ambassador! Sign-up here. 

Debate Club

The debate club is an opportunity to hear from different sides on issues chosen that are important to you. Come listen, learn & share your opinions that matter.  For more information please contact

Academic Club of Peace-Conflict Studies

ACPCS was founded in an effort to develop an academic framework for Peace and Conflict Studies through inviting guest lecturers, organizing student conferences and seminars, and screening the documentaries as joint projects between Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa. The core research of ACPCS focuses on internal security, issues of peace, and regional conflicts.  Please contact us at or through Facebook.

Anime Club

Saint Paul University’s Anime Club was founded to gather japanese anime lovers in order to share, discuss and watch new animes. The members of this club will have the opportunity of participating in Comic Con, Anime North and other events, sell their anime creations and take advantage for the partnership between SPUAC and the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.  For more information please contact Christelle at

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