Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people, highlight our talents, participate in university life and community.  Check out how you can get involved!


The Executive Council of SPUSA is composed of President, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Executive Council is responsible to the Student Body in those matters described in the Constitution and By-laws of the Association (see About us)


Spusa annual general membership meetings are held twice a year, generally in the early Fall and Winter sessions.  Volunteers are what makes our general meting possible, by spreading the word, receiving registrations, set up, and more.


School representatives are students from each school at Saint Paul University – Conflict studies, Public ethics and philosophy, Social innocation, Human relations & counselling, Canon Law, Theology – who are part of the Student Council. Their role is to guide the Executive Council in respect to the needs of their school and so much more.  Find out about how to get involved spusa-aeusp@ustpaul.ca



Ad Hoc Committee

An Ad Hoc Committee, initiated by the Executive Council, provides administrative assistance to the Executive Committee in order to facilitate the operations of the Association under whose authority it operates, and in those matters assigned to it in accordance with the By-laws.

Also, these committees are formed from the necessity to provide single events activities which are inclusive of the entire student body.

Elections committee

Elections committee which will be responsible for all elections and referendums. Said committee will be appointed in September of the academic year. The elections committee is responsible for preparing elections and referendums, setting up and organizing the polls, counting the ballots and announcing the results.


Council of Constitution & Policy (CCP (formerly Student Arbitration Committee )

Council of Constitution & Policy (CCP): three individuals picked by the outgoing committee and voted by student council to oversee the student council to ensure they are following the constitution, by-laws and policy. The committee also acts in cases of complaints or issues in specific situations