Saint Paul University Student Association is proud to offer a variety of services to our members.

– It ranges from the Student Health Plan, clubs and student representation and advocacy.


Saint Paul Students’ Clubs

If you’re interested in registering a club with us, please download this the form by pressing on the button below and bring it to our office!


Student Lounge

Coming soon

The student lounge is a space by student, for student. Come and relax in a laid back atmosphere. Study, take a nap or play ping pong, this space is for you.

A kids friendly student lounge! Come and study with your children in a kid friendly environment!


What is the U-Pass Program?

The U-Pass program is a Universal Student Bus Pass  for all full time student. In December 2012, students of Saint Paul University voted in favour of joining this mandatory program in a referendum.  In March 2015, student voted in favour to add a summer program. The cost for the program during the 2016–2017 academic year will be 197,52 $ per semester for full-time students.


Tax Filing

Free tax filing service

Don’t stress during tax filing season! This program guides you step by step. And most of all… it is completely free  for all CFS members! Just use promo code: FAY1493

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