Health Plan

A health plan regime for certain medical and dental expenses is offered by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa. This health plan is available to University of Saint-Paul students. Students are covered by Green Shield Canada. For more information on how the health plan works, visit the SFUO’s Web site here. For more information on what services are covered, visit Green Shield Canada’s Web site here.

To submit a claim, please visit Green Shield Canada’s Web site here.

Students are automatically charged for the health plan service at the beginning of the academic session. To opt-out of this service, you must fill out the opt-out form before the deadline. Visit the SPUSA office at Guigues 038 during our office hours to pick up a copy of the opt-out form.

Register online

Go to to the menu for Student centre; open the link  and find your school (for Saint Paul University look under University of Ottawa, Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (UNV); open the link Register/login; get the registration key by filling out your information – member ID: UNVyourstudentnumber-00, and full name.

If you have difficulties getting your registration key, please call 1-888-711-1119 and identify yourself as NEW. The operator will ask you for you member ID, date of birth and your full name. That person will then give you your registration key.

Be sure to key this person on line until you have fully registered on the Greenshield website.

If you have register for your university program in January or the Spring, you will not be on the list. You must therefore visit the university’s finance department and check your tuition invoice and receipt of payment in your Uozone profile.

OPT-OUT of medical and/or dental insurance

If you are already covered by another insurance, please fill out the opt-out form opt-out_form3 and return it to before September 17th, 2018.

No forms will be accepted after this date.

Please be advised: there is no opt out period in the winter 2018 semester, and no exceptions can be made if you miss the deadline




If you have opted-out of the medical and/or dental insurance, your Saint Paul University student account will be credited. (To access your account, to go uozone -Students’ portal for uOttawa’s main online tools, including: Course enrolment, Student Centre, Finances (e-bill, statement of account, tax information), etc.)


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